Mount Athos - Pilgrimage to "Garden of Virgin Mary"

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Mount Athos - Pilgrimage to "Garden of Virgin Mary"

This guide was created by the writer and photographer Loukas Lilios, as a result of his forty visits to Mount Athos, amounting to two hundred days spent there in total. The second edition has been renewed and filled with more information and recent photographs for the reader to admire. It is dedicated to the athonite monks, the pilgrims, the wanderers and especially to women, as a way to overcome the fact that Athos is, to them, inaccessible. We hope you have a wonderful wandering adventure through the spiritual and physical paths of Mount Athos.

Several interesting subjects are analyzed in this book, including:
• Monasticism and monks
• Advice and guidelines for the visitor
• Spiritual life, sacred relics, athonite terminology and deaconships
• Descriptions of the routes leading to the top of Athos, the Desert, Karoulia. Kaysatatyvia. Katounakia, Vigla, Kapsala, as well as of Agiasmata and Caves
• Fauna and flora, herbs and local products
• Administration, educational institutions and settlements
• Analysis of each separate Monastery, Skete, cell, hut, kathisma, hermitage aid xerokalyva
• History, art, treasures
• Complete detailed map of the area

Pages: 192
Size: 17 x 24 cm.


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