Purity of the Heart

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Purity of the Heart
Hieromonk Gregorios.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matt. 5:8

    Frequently the agony that distinguishes worldly people in their daily struggle for survival is also experienced in the spiritual struggle undertaken by faithful Christians. We often ask what God wishes of us and what is that we lack, that we have lost our peace of mind. Is it more fasting and ascetic discipline, is it alumsgiving, is it prayer?
    Of course all these virtues are needed, and we should strive to the best of our ability to attain them, but they are not the aim of the spiritual life. They should not be the ultimate goal of our struggle. For God asks nothing of us but a pure heart, that he may come and dwell in us.
    This is what Jesus Christ himself revealed to us when he blessed those whose hearts are pure: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matt. 5:8). That is, those who have a pure heart are blessed and happy, because they will behold God!
    But what is this heart? How is it corrupted and how is it made clean? To these questions, as well as in the description of the heavenly gifts that are being prepared for the pure in heart, the Saints give answer with their sanctified words and their miraculous lives. (From the Prologue of the book).

Hierononk Gregorios
Feast of Saint Paisios the Athonite, 2020

Pages: 78
Size: 10 x 15 cm.


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