Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 1

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Saint Porphyrios the Prophet - Witnesses - Volume 1

    The holy, God-bearing and miracle-working Prphyrios Kafsokalivitis, founder of the H.M. of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Milesi, it was that great morning star and prophet of our generation. Through him, the presence of the Holy Spirit in our times was confirmed once again.
    The plenitube of his virtues, his saintly way of life, his great and ample charismata -divine clairvoyance, foresight, prophetic gift, healing -distinguished him as a potent beacon of spiritual light that will guide future generations. His charismata will stay with him, in all their magnitude, until the end of his earthly life and will attest to his being a Temple of the Holy Spirit.
    The number of testimonies regarding his profound prophetic charisma reveals the Saint's communion with God. Christ was a friend to him. Because he had immediate knowledge of Him, he was able to disclose His will about future events, weights are for all of us are unknown, dark and impenetrable. There is no doubt that the Saint progressed rapidly through the stage of catharsis and reached enlightenment, attained theosis (godliness), theoptia (vision of God) and Perfecting.
    He experienced divine Grace to a great degree and inspired by the Holy Spirit, "ran" to the future and foretold what was to come with a sense of responsibility, in order to build up the souls of men in Christ. From the first years of his spiritual service people called him prophet-priest.
    We come across prophets in the New Testament as well, as in the Old. The concept of prophet is attributed also to the Disciples and the Fathers of the New Testament.
    Saint Prophyrios reposed on December 2, 1991, according to the new calender, the feast of Prophet Avvakum, and on November 19 according to the athonite calendar, the feast day of Prophet Avdiou. He is celebrated, as a Prophet himself, shortly before Christmas. (From the prologue of the book)

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