Passions and Virtues

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Passions and Virtues
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos.

In the present Fifth Volume - published with the blessing of our Chief-Shepherd Nicodemos, the Most-reverend Metropolitan of Kassandreia - we have included the counsels of the Elder related to the passions and the virtues. These counsels do not constitute a systematic teaching on the subject, nor do they refer extensively to all the passions and the virtues; they have been compiled from answers provided by the Elder to our questions regarding the diagnosis of and therapy for the passions, as well as the work required in developing the virtues. These answers are significant not only to monks and nuns, but to every person who has "good restlessness" over the cultivation of virtue. The Elder, with his well-known pastoral counselling and care, pointed examples, and innate sense of humor creates spiritual "sunshine " which produces favorable conditions in our souls so that the blossoms of repentance open and we may bring forth fruits of virtue. He encourages us to look at our old self candidly, so that we may loathe its "repulsive mask" and discard it. We believe that the simple and enlightened word of the Elder will further strengthen our struggle so that we may be freed from the slavery of the passions and live in the freedom of Christ. (From the book).

Pages: 345
Size: 15 x 23 cm.


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