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Based on our store, which is located in Daphne, the seaport of Mount Athos, we search , try and gather handicrafts of great quality and products which are mainly produced by the monks who live both in the cells and the monasteries of Mount Athos. The monksʼ greatest concern is their spiritual duties. As a result , the Athonite products are produced without a haste and only in the monksʼ spare time. Thatʼs why they are available in limited quantities according to the season. The well kept knowledge of the past which is grafted by the Godʼs love and the human desire is the one and only recipe of all these goods we can present to you in our website. Having love and trust to the monastery products, we were led to search in many other orthodox monasteries not only throughout Greece, but throughout the whole world as well! Whatever worth presented we find , it will definitely be a part of our effort.
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