Chickpeas with Aubergines

Chickpeas with Aubergines

½ kilo of chickpeas
3 grated onions
1 tea cup of oil
1 tea cup of oil
1.5 tea cup of grated tomato
Salt, pepper
4 aubergines
1 tea cup of flour
Oil suitable for frying

Soak the chickpeas in a bowl with water for a whole night. Sauté the grated onions in the oil and add the tomato, salt and pepper. Then, add the chickpeas and water enough to cover them and let them simmer. Cut the aubergines in slices. Mix them with flour and then fry them. Put the fried aubergines in the food few minutes before it is cooked, so that they will boil together for a while.

Click here for the book of Father Epiphanios ''The cuisine of holy Mount Athos''.

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