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The cuisine on Mount Athos is excellent, simple, delicious, with recipes beneficial for health. The cuisine of the Athonite monks is based on vegetables, legumes and what the sea that surrounds Mount Athos has to offer.

No meat all year round, recipes with lots of vegetables and fruits. We strictly observe fasting. It is a simple, healthy diet, with fasting and non-fasting recipes. This is the secret that protects the monks from cancer, as well as from other diseases and gives them longevity, says the monk of the Holy Monastery of Koutloumousios of Mount Athos, father Moses.

"We eat with self-restraint. Even on holidays, like Easter, we do not eat meat. We eat fish. And of course we often consume vegetables and fruits, many of which we produce ourselves", emphasizes the monk Moses. As he adds, however, it is important that the monks of Mount Athos do not eat too much even of the fasting products. And this is because generally the monks live with the simple, the necessary, the frugal. And of course we must not forget that throughout the year, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we fast and eat meals without oil.

Below we list authentic monastic recipes, fasting and non-fasting. Bon appetit....

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