Tuna Ditalini Pasta in Oven

Tuna Ditalini Pasta in Oven

½ kilo spaghetti ditalini (tubular)
50 g. butter
2-3 eggs
50 g. hard cheese
Salt, pepper

For the sauce:
1 can of tuna
2 tablespoons butter milk
4 ripe tomatoes
1 onion, finely chopped
Salt, pepper, cinnamon bobbin
2-3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
Few mushrooms (optional)

Prepare the sauce. Saute the onions, add the tuna (melted) and the remaining ingredients with little water. When the sauce thickens, remove from the heat and boil the pasta in salted water. When the pasta boils, remove from heat. Beat the egg whites (meringue) and add the egg yolks, butter and cheese. Place the pasta in a buttered ovenproof dish and garnish with the mixture. Pour over the sauce and put it in hot oven for about 10 minutes to get brown. It is served warm.

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