The Devil and Magic

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The Devil and Magic
by Hieromonk Benedict of Holy Mount Athos.

    In the past few years, much has been said, not only in our country, but in other parts of the world, concerning the existence of Satan and his company.
    During the past two years, specifically, all that has occurred in the area of Greece convinces each honest person that the existence of the devil and his group of followers is not just a simple event or an idea, as some people would prefer to believe, but a hard fact, which all of us should accept. This volume concerns itself with this burning issue. Burning, not just for our age, but for all ages.
    Saint John Chrysostome, the great teacher, sociologist, economist, educator of children, dogma-tologist, interpreter of the Holy Writings, and many more things, did not omit to concern himself with the sleepless enemy of man's salvation.
    In the texts which follow, he teaches us about this incorporeal force, which because of pride, fell from heaven and due to sheer envy, tempted man to rebel against God, His Father. Since then, there exists a hard and implacable war and an irreconcilable hatred. The Saint teaches us the way in which we should journey in order to execute this... a battle of many facets. He confronts those who assert that if the devil did not exist, man's salvation would be easier, and also those who contend that demons are those who govern the human sphere.

Pages: 176
Size: 14 x 20 cm.


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